Private Aircraft


GYacht x GAirjet

Our Aviation Management services cover all types of aircrafts from Helicopters, fixed wing propeller, jets to light amphibian aircrafts.

Working directly with Global Travel and Global Airjet, Global Yacht benefits from a team of experts in the field of aviation.

  • Operation management

  • Tailor made trips

  • Expatriation services

  • Special Covid-19 Services

  • Charter and Purchase

  • Project Management and development

  • Technical Management and Procurement support

  • AOG handling

  • Yacht and support vessel integration

  • Crew recruitment and selection

  • Payroll

Regarding new business, we have been able to demonstrate to clients that we are approaching their aviation requirements in a fresh, highly efficient and cost effective manner. Word has spread because we are getting solid inquiries from Family Offices who are finding the aviation support requirement a headache as the complexity grows.